Galvanized Steel Wire Fence Panels

Roll Top Hot Dipped Gal. Wire Mesh Fence

We supply welded wire fence, welded wire frame fence, double wire fence, 358 mesh fence, hot dipped galvanized temporary fence panels and 3D welded wire fence.

Galvanised Welded Wire Fence is widely used for garden, backyard, playground, airport, road, railway, farm land and prison security applications.

Galvanised Welded Wire Fence Process: Material--straighten and cutting---welded---making folds---galvanized/hot-dipped---PVC coated--packing.

Welded wire frame fence intersections are welded immobility, hight strength, the appearance is luster, good resistance of corrosion, well-proportioned mesh, the mesh doesn't come loose , the nets is flatten .

3D Welded Wire Fence now often used as a cost effective boundary fence in schools and colleges. Normally the panels have a 200x50mm mesh. Usual colours are green or black, but other colours can be supplied.

358 Welded Wire Mesh Panel is one of the most important ways to keep your home safe and secured from all forms of attacks by armed robbers and so on. PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh Fence are very affordable.


Playground galvanized welded wire mesh fence panels in 12 gauge
2x2 welded wire mesh fence panels in 6 gauge
2.4x2.1m powder coated galvanized steel welded wire temporary fence panel
10x10 reinforcing welded fence panels
358 reinforcing fence panels for security
Heavy gauge galvanized 2x4 welded panel
4mm welded mesh galvanized

Galvanised Welded STEEL MESH Fence Products

Galvanised Welded Wire Frame Products

Framed Gal. Mesh Fence can be used for residence, workshops, factory and school perimeters.

Roll Top Galvanised Wire Fence Used for Perimeter Fencing

Welded Wire Mesh Fence As Fencing for Workshop

Welded Wire for Workshop Partitions

Security 358 Mesh Panels

Hot Dipped Galvanised 358 Mesh, Anti Climb, Anti Cut Security Barrier for Prison and Other Sites.

Welded Wire Fence Panels Specification:

Mesh  Wire diameter Surface Treatment Panel Width Folds NOS. Height Post height
50x200mm, 50x150mm, 50x100mm, 55x200mm 3.0mm,4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm Galvanized and  Electrostatic polyester coated or PVC dip coated 2.50m 2 630mm 1200mm
2 830mm 1400mm
2 1030mm 1500mm
2 1230mm 1800mm
2 1430mm 2000mm
2 1630mm 2200mm
Mesh  Wire diameter Surface Treatment Panel Width Folds NOS. Height Post height
50x200mm, 50x150mm 50x100mm 55x200mm 3.0mm,4.0mm 4.5mm,5.0mm Galvanized and  Electrostaticpolyester coated or PVC coated 2.50m 4 1400mm 2000mm
4 1600mm 2200mm
4 1800mm 2400mm
4 2000mm 2600mm
4 2200mm 2800mm
4 2400mm 3000mm