Perimeter Fence: Galvanized Mesh Panels

Green Color Perimeter Fence for Residence SecurityWelded Type Perimeter Fence, Residential Fence

Perimeter fence is a structure that circles the perimeter of an area to prevent access. It can be make a cage or as fencing for life-area. The fence used for life-area often have spikes or Barbed wire on the top to prevent climbing.

Material: Low carbon iron wire, Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire or other wire.

Color: Dark green, red, yellow, blue, white, black, grey,ect.

Perimeter Fence Production Line: Material - Straighten & Cut short machine - Welded machine - Galvanized bath - Bending machine - PVC- coated machine & Powder coated machine.

Construction sites perimeter security temporary fence;
Security System Airport Perimeter Fence;
Y type post Green PVC Coated airport perimeter fence;
Perimeter Security Aluminum Ornamental Fence;
Perimeter construction guard safety mesh fence;
3D sensitive site perimeter 358 fencing;
3 horizontal tube steel perimeter residential fence.

Feature of Perimeter Fence
- The mesh design: suitable bending + strengthening steel wire, not only greatly enhance the strength of fence, also contributed to bending fence unique artistic effect.
- Surface treatment: galvanized + strong adhesion electrostatic spraying or PVC coated processing, all kinds of color can be customized according to customer requirements, color collocate with space to makes fence for protection and decorative.
- Accessories design: unique embedded link design, make the post and mesh more strong.
- Easy installation: using chassis column, just make good expansion bolt installation, installation quickly. The post also can be directly embed in the ground

Perimeter Fence can be used for roads, railways, highways, living area, villa area, development zone, construction, city green land, garden flower bed, park and playground.

Some Puplar METAL MESH Perimeter Fence Products

Green Vinyl Coated Welded Perimeter Fence for Life-area

Garden Fencing

Round Post With Welded Perimeter Fence Used For Garden

Mesh Panels and Razor Wire with Y Post Support Coils, For Airport Perimeter Security

Y Post and Razor Wire Topped Perimeter Fence for Airport

Welded Perimeter Fence Panel On The Wall,
For Prision Security