Tying Wire

Black and Yellow Coated Tie WireTwo small coil tie wire

Tie wire, also called wire tie, tying wire.

Tie Wire is used for bind together items like pipes, rods, and cables, also suitable for tying bar and mesh. Used to secure rebar in place or tie several rebars together before concrete is poured.

- Precise dimension
- Longer functional life
- Corrosion resistant

Supplied Forms: Cut wire, spooled wire, coil wire.

Finishes: Annealed, galvanized, coated.

304 Type Stainless Steel Tie Wire

Stainless Steel Tie Wire 336' feet 304 Type

3.5 lb. Coil 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Tie Wire. 

Copper Tie Wire

Copper Clad 3.5 lb Coil of 16 Gauge Tie Wire. 336 ft

Pre-cut Black Annealed Tie Wire

Straightened Cut Wire for Binding Uses

Pre-cut Black Tie Wire is supplied in pre-cut lengths of 290 and 355 mm.

Galvanized Tie Wire

Garden Tying Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Tie Wire

Finish Gauge
Black Annealed 16-1/2
Black Annealed 16
Black Annealed 15
Galvanized 16-1/2
Galvanized 16
Hot Dipped Galvanized 18
Hot Dipped Galvanized 16-1/2
Hot Dipped Galvanized 16
PVC Coated 16-1/2
PVC Coated 16