Hot Dipped Galv. Mesh Shelving Decks, Welded Panels

Conveying Wire Storage RacksStacking Racks

Coated type: Usually Zinc plated, it also be powder coated , painted or hot dip galvanized

Welded mesh shelving system can be designed to evolve smoothly to keep pace with continually changing needs.

Made from stainless steel, galvanized or pvc coated welded wire mesh.

Finishes: Electro galvanized, hot-dipped zinc coated or pvc coated.

Galv. wire mesh shelves are made of welded wire panels offering a certain place to store documents, articles or as display shelves for samples, catalogs, etc. wire mesh shelving allows users to combine regular shelving with bulk storage racking, to expand sideways and upwards and to add accessories.

Sizes: To be made according to your specific requirements.

Product Feature
- visible, easy for management
- loading capacity is large,easy to store bulk cargo
- easy to install,no tools needed, only put it on the beam
- construction is strong,made from wire rod and strip steel,then welded,surface treatment is usually zinc plated or powder coated.

Wire Shelving for Racks
Wire shelving can be made for construction of metal racks of various sizes and styles. Surface treatments for this special shelving cover Chrome Plating and Black Powder Coating.
Common sizes of rack shelving:
1.Size: W450*L1200*H1500mm
2. Material: Steel
3. Structure: Single layer, three layer, multi-layer
4. Different sizes and colors are available.

Wire Shelving Cart

According to the loading capacity of shelves, the carts can be divided into heavy type or light type.
Wire cart
1.Size:W450*L900*H800mm(different sizes are available).
4.Finished : Chrome plated
5.Wire Gauge:6.0*4.5*3.0mm
6.Load Capacity:100-200kg(each shelf)
7.Finished : Chrome plated
9.Easily folded, durable, stylish, flexible light.
10. Custom sizes according to the client's requests.

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving can be designed into a variety of configurations to meet any requirement.
Use the free MT design lay-out service for your custom storage system.
Versatile storage solutions
The MT range of high quality, high efficiency high storage systems offers a storage unit to suit every need. MT has the right type of storage unit for you.
1.Fast, easy assembly.
2.Strong capacity.
3.Excellent Ventilation.
4.Clean high-tech metallic look.

Shelves Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Rack

Welded Mesh Decking On The Orange Shelf
Welded Steel Pallet Rack

In US Market:

Model Size (D x L) Weight (lbs) Mesh Gauge / mm Channels (pcs) Capacity (lbs)
Flared step style  24''x 46''  12.4    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  3000
 30''x 46''  15.6    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  3000
 36''x 46''  18.4    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2700
 36''x 52''  19.6    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2500
 36''x 58''  21.8    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2750
 42''x 46''  21.5    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2800
 42''x 52''  23    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2500
 42''x 58''  27.5    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  4  2800
 44'' x 46''  23    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2500
 44''x 52''  27    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  4  2600
 48''x 46''  25    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  3  2500
 48''x 52''  31    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  4  2500
 48''x 58''  33    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  4  2500
 60''x 46''  38    2.5''x4.5''    4/5.3  4  2500

Mesh Shelving for UK Market:

Model Length (mm) Depth (mm) Wire (mm) Mesh (mm) supports (pcs) capacity (kgs)
Flared wire deck 1118,1320






Wire Decking for Australia Market:

Model Length (mm) Depth (mm) Wire (mm) Mesh (mm) supports (pcs) capacity (kgs)
Flared wire deck 1250,1350



4.0, 5.0, 5.3, 5.5 25x100
2, 3, 4 500,1000, 1500

Chrome Plated Metal Mesh Racks for France Market:

Model Length (mm) Depth (mm) Wire (mm) Mesh (mm) supports (pcs) capacity (kgs)
Flared wire deck
Srep wire deck







Vinyl Coated Welded Mesh Collapsible Supermarket Shelf

3 layers Supermarket Shelf Panel
Single side  L1200* W500 * H1800*5layers
 Double side  L1200* W1000* H1800*5layers
 End side  L1000* W500 * H1800*5layers
 Loading capacity  100-150kg/layer 
 Layer  1-7 layers
 Material  cold rolled steel
 Upright/Pillar  60/70/80x30x1.5-3.0mm
 Panel Thickness  0.4-1.2mm 
 Layer Thickness  0.5-1.0mm 
 Bracket Thickness  1.5-2.5mm 
 Plinth and Top Cover  0.5-1.0mm 
 Note:Customer size/colour is available

Chrome Plated Mobile Iron Welded Wire Shelving for Storage

4 Layer Shelves

Size: 36"x18"x64" (L*W*H) , 4 shelves ,  Our sizes is as follows. 

shelf : Width : 14" x  Length: 24"/30"/36"/42"/48"/54"/60"/72"
                       18" x  Length: 24"/30"/36"/42"/48"/54"/60"/72"
                       21" x  Length: 24"/30"/36"/42"/48"/54"/60"/72"
                       24" x  Length: 24"/30"/36"/42"/48"/54"/60"/72" 

Post : Height: 14"/34"/54"/60"/64"/74"/86"

How to Install a Chrome Plated Steel Wire Shelving:

Step 4