Major Uses of Welded Steel Mesh

Welded Wire mesh As FencingWelded Mesh Fence Panels
Crops Containing Cages and StocksWelded Mesh for Agriculture
Welded Steel Bar Safety GratingGalvanized Welded Grate Flooring
Insulation Wall Construction EIFS Plastering Mesh NettingIn Construction: For Wall Plastering
Floor Heating System Construction Reinforcing MeshWelded Panel for Slab Heat Building
Welded Steel Bar Grid Concrete ConstructionMesh Panel for Concrete Reinforcement
Rock Gabion BasketsHot Dipped Welded Wire Gabion Boxes
BBQ Welded Wire MeshWelded Mesh Process Grills and Grids
Galvanized Steel Mesh ContainersRabbit Cages, Animal Containers
Galvanized Welded Chicken Wire, Poutry WireWelded Wire Net for Poultry Fencing
Welded Wire Display Shelving PanelsWelded Mesh Panels, Exhibition Shelf
Linguistic Transport Wire Mesh Decking of Welded StructureWelded Mesh Pallet Deck Panels