Electro Galvanized Steel Wire

Electric Zinc Plated Galvanized Wire

Processed from low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel material.

Wires can be round, flat, oval, crimped.

Tensile strength range of electro galvanized steel wire:
Low carbon 300-500mpa, high carbon 900-1870mpa

Treatment: Electro galvanizing, annealed galv., electro galv. then pvc coating. 

Packing: Big coil rolls, spool or bundles. 25kg net to 1000kg net.  

Specific Products:

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire 

2.10 mm galvanised iron wire

BWG 20#,18#, 16#, 14#, 12#.

Material grade: Q195
Quality : Soft and glossy
Tensile strength : 350 - 500 N/mm2
Zinc coating : Min 20 g/m2 
Coil ID : 400-500mm
Packing : 500kgs coil roll.

High Tensile Galvanized Iron Wire

2.0mm galvanized iron wire in 25kg coils

For Afghanistan
For fencing wire
High tensile, 2.0 mm diameter galvanized iron wire. 
Tensile Strength:  minimum of 1050 N/mm2 
Galvanization: BS EN 10244 or equivalent
Elongation/Ductility: Suitable for the purpose of utilization.

Each coil should be of 25kg 
Coils should be packed in pallets for easy handling.

Low Tensile Galvanized Iron Wires

Low tensile (low carbon), 2.5 mm diameter galvanized iron wire.
Tensile Strength: minimum of 350-450 N/mm2 
Galvanization: BS EN 10244 or equivalent
Elongation/Ductility: Suitable for the purpose of utilization.

Each coil should be of 25kg 
Coils should be packed in pallets for easy handling.

Electric Galvanized wire in Spool

For Jordan 
Wire thickness 0.38 mm
Hard Plastic Spool Dia 2.5 Cm
Spool Length 16 CM
Each spooled wire weight: 7-8 KG.

Soft Annealed Galvanized Steel Wire 

Material: Galvanized mild steel wire 
Grade : SAE 1010
Surface: Bright, soft annealed 
Wire diamter: 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3.1mm

Galvanized Wire ( Round Wire ) 

Round Section Low Carbon Steel Wire 1.2mm Diameter

For Spain. 
Material: Material: Low carbon steel galvanized wire
Wire Diameter: Round 1.20 mm
Packing: Sea packing. In coils of 200 kgs (+/- 5kgs), packed in bundles with 1000 kgs (5 coils).

Galvanized PVC Coated Wire

Material: Mild drawn or rolled
Inside: 1.60mm electro galvanized wire, outer diameter:2.60mm
Tensile strength: Min. 380MPa.
Elongation: Min. 9%


Galvanized Mild Steel Wire ( Binding Wire)

Grape Trellis Tying Wire

Galvanized wire: 
Wire Diameter: 2mm Z27
Wire Diameter: 2.5mm Z27
Application: Grape and garden plant support.

Galvanized Wire Mesh ( Mesh Wire)

10 mesh -square mesh- galvanized wire 22 gauge

For Malaysia
For square mesh weaving.
Material: Wire thickness 0.65 mm, 22 G , 0.55 mm, 23G
Mesh: Square mesh (10 mesh per inch) 

21 SWG Galvanized Binding Wire

Rebar Ties

21Gauge Galvanized Wire, for construction rebar tying 
Packing with inside plastic paper and outside with hessian cloth.

Electro Galv. Cut Wire

30 inch galvanized cut wire, tie wire

Galvanized steel wire 3.7mm in diameter
750mpa tensile strength
Zinc plating galv.: 20g/m2
Straighten and cut into 30 inches and 10 inches.

Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire

Razor Barbed Fencing Wire

For East Africa
For security fencing purpose
Material: Galvanized Wire 12 gauge

Carbon Steel Wire Galvanized Welded Mesh Fences

Wire galvanized for welded wire fence 
Wire material: Low carbon steel for general purpose GOST 3282-371
Galvanization layer: 80 g/sq.m.
Size: Wire diameter 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm

Soft Quality Electro Galvanized Wire ( Fencing Mesh Wire) 

2.0mm Diameter -Soft Galvanized Wire Coils -for knotted fencing

For Romania
For horizontal wire and vertical wire of field fencing mesh.
Material:  Soft Electro galvanized wire 2.0mm, in 100kg/coil
Soft Electro galvanized wire 2.5mm, in 100kg/coil

Galvanized Mesh Fence:

Galvanized Wire Mesh Fencing - High Tensile Steel Fence

Field fence of galvanized wires, for cattle and horse farming 
Mesh coil of 50m, Heigh of mesh fence 200cm
Number of horizontal wire 17, distance between vertical wire 15cm
Horizontal wire (galv. wire ) diameter min.2.50mm 
Vertical wire (galv. wire) diameter min.2.00mm
Diameter of edge wire from top and bottom min.3.00mm. 

Electric Galvanized Welded Mesh

BWG19 wire - square hole - welded nets

For USA 
Hole size: 1/2"
Mesh: square
Wire: BWG 19 
Roll size: 4' x 100'
Weight: 37 kg/roll

Woven Galvanized Wire

19 Gauge Wire - Square Hole Mesh - 2 x 2 mesh

Galvanized before or after woven wire mesh.
Wire: 0.041 inch (19 gauge) wire
Mesh: 2 mesh, 1/2" opening, square hole mesh
Mesh Rolls: 48 inch X 100 feet rolls.

PVC Coated Galvanized Wire Mesh ( Garden Border Fencing)

Material: Wire mesh, PVC coated.
Mesh 60x60mm
Wire: Crimped wire, galvanised.
Diameter of wire inner 2.0mm, outer 3.0mm
Mesh rolls: 1.5m width, length 10m length.

Fence style: Euro